Zia’s previous work is broad-ranging, spanning probability, small towns in Asia, parenting special needs children, innovation culture, and hockey.   Falling Off the Chair at Logan Airport is a parenting book aimed at parents with children with special needs. A memoir, it detailed the experiences of a father and handling a rare orphan disease of his son. Losing Oneself in Remote Asia is another one of Zia's publications. It is a travel memoir about small cities and hidden locales in Asia, featuring Zia's frequent travels to Bhutan. Just before the lockdown, Zia published Pull the Goalie in CHANCE. A Canadian of Pakistani-Bangladeshi descent, Zia has studied and worked around the world, focusing on innovation. Today, Zia is investing and advising on sustainability and ESG for corporates. Zia is married with two children and currently resides in Singapore.     

Ten stories that capture the essence of our time, told from the perspective of young people, Locked Down is about the constraints imposed on our lives and how we learn to cope, love, pivot, study, struggle, and endure. 

Image courtesy of reader Neal KEMKAR